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How long has The Trusted Advisors organization existed?

The Trusted Advisors began in 2007 and was reconstituted in 2013. The organization has been growing quickly since that time.


Is The Trusted Advisors a networking group?

The Trusted Advisors is an organization that facilitates building strong relationships among business professionals. Trusted relationships provide the opportunity to refer others to support clients in areas outside your expertise.

What are the requirements to be a member?

Members should have many years of experience in their area of expertise, a history of collaboration and demonstrated client relationships. You can learn more about membership requirements on the Membership page. 

Where are the meetings held?

Meetings occur in the offices of a sponsoring member in a centrally convenient location currently in San Diego and Orange County.

Can I attend any group meeting?

Yes, guests (potential members) are welcome to attend meetings and social gatherings in both San Diego and Orange County. Guest are required to pay their own lunch fees.

What happens at a group meeting?

Group meetings occur every other month for lunch during which one member presents a timely educational topic and all members get an opportunity to share recent experiences working with each other. At the group meetings individual one-on-one meetings (TwoPays) are assigned that are held prior to the next meeting.

Can I promote my business?

Solicitation of other members is strictly prohibited and will result in expulsion from The Trusted Advisors.  However, each introduction, educational presentation given during a regular meeting and participating in TwoPays all provide opportunities to educate other members about your practice.

Do I have access to a list of members in The Trusted Advisors?

Yes, there is a list of members and their contact information on this website.

Will I have a personal profile on the website?

Each member is entitled to have a brief biography or profile once you are accepted as a member of The Trusted Advisors. Your profile will include links to personal web sites or more detailed profile sites (such as LinkedIn).

What are the membership fees?

Membership fees are modest and set annually.  Currently, the annual membership fee is $20 to cover operating costs plus $60 annually ($10/lunch for regular meetings) all due in advance. Any costs incurred during TwoPays and social meetings are paid for individually.

Why are the membership fees so reasonable?

The Trusted Advisors is a not for profit organization. It is for members by members. The goal is to keep costs low.

The most valuable thing in this world is TRUST.
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